Will Writing

Why make a Will?

It is easy to put off making a Will, however, if you die without one your assets will be distributed according to the law rather than your wishes. This could mean that your partner receives nothing or that the money goes to family members who you did not wish to benefit from your death.

Simply put, if you do not make a Will the law says who gets what.

  • If you are not married or in a formal civil partnership your partner will NOT inherit automatically.
  • It is commonly believed that your husband or wife automatically inherits everything from you but this is NOT the case.
  • In your Will you can appoint Guardians, people of YOUR choice to look after your children should you die before they reach eighteen.
  • If you make a Will then the legal process dealing with your affairs will be easier quicker and less expensive for your family.
  • When you get married any former Will is automatically revoked.

Who inherits if you do not have a Will?

If you do not have a Will there are rules for deciding who inherits your assets, depending on your personal circumstances. The rules for intestacy are different in Scotland and Northern Ireland to England and Wales.

Writing a Will is the only way to ensure that those you wish to benefit after your death do so.

Family fun - Will writing

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